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Who am I?  
Joel and Robin I'm a 33-year-old tea-drinking, glasses-wearing, book-reading, web-surfing news junkie, living near Boston.  I'm married to the former Robin Faigeles.  

Paying The Rent
Until I was recently laid-off, I worked for Informio, a start-up that builds voice Web applications. I was the inhouse expert on what those applications should do (things like streaming the news or doing stock trades or updating a sales database) and how they should do it (callflow writing and usability testing).


Now I'm looking for work. Read my resume. Previously, I was much more focussed on content: I've gone from producing and writing for CNN Headline News and CNN International, to news and search producer at Lycos to doing small business information at CNNI Newsroom Picture

Some Favorite Things

* Tea. I'm something of a tea addict. I usually have around 40 different varieties in the house, and if you come over for dinner, you can choose from the tea list.
* Fish. Our house came with a our pond of fish.
pond with one big ornamental carp (Phil) and eight goldfish (Herbert, Swimmy, Goldie, and five to be named later). We had a floater this spring, alas. But the others have proved remarkably resistant.
* Cooking. I enjoy cooking. I also enjoy watching it on TV, especially the Food TV shows Cooking Live with Sara Moulton, a refreshingly unpretentious show. Then there's the incredible pretension, over-dramatization, and bad dubbing of the Iron Chef.

I'm enlisted in the quest for obscure knowledge. I participate in dnet now!
Distributed.Net, by donating my spare CPU time to the search for the Optimal Golomb Ruler (and, more practically, to breaking the RC5 encryption scheme by brute force). You can see how I'm doing. Or download the client and help out!

I'm a Yahoo! ExpertYou can ask me a question, if you'd like.

Recent Readings

Some books I've recently enjoyed:

by John Le Carre by Martha Cooley by Herbert Bix by Cheryl Benard
The Constant Gardener
by John LeCarré
Like all his work, a gripping tale of espionage and perfidy, but this time set in Africa and dealing with issues of biomedical research.
The Archivist
by Martha Cooley
A fascinating look at the relationship between an archivist, and his manic-depressive poet wife.
Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan
by Herbert Bix
This book makes a persuasive case for the war guilt of the emperor, and was a key force in shaping how I thought at Hiroshima.
Moghul Buffet
by Cheryl Benard
A mystery about Pakistani society, feminism, and afghan refugees? This unlikely combination succeeds quite well.

More books I like...

Where Am I?

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