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Personal Information

I grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts, then moved to Atlanta to work for CNN. I married Robin Faigeles Abrams on June 9, 1996, and moved back to the Boston area last summer. We have no children or pets.

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Work Information

Joel with the Team Lycos Car I work as a producer at Lycos, Inc, the search company. I'm in charge of news coverage on Lycos, where I write and edit coverage of stories from the Clinton Controversy to the Spice Girls to Bloomsday. I'm also in charge of keyword insertion in search results, and a bunch of miscellaneous other things. I have also produced the Community Guides, directories ranging from A Cappella Music to Zen Buddhism, where users get to shape the guide by voting for good web pages.

Here are the latest headlines from Reuters, which I oversee as part of my job:
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CNNI Newsroom Picture For the past four years, I was a Producer/Writer at CNN International, working at the CNN Center in Atlanta (seen to the right). I produced a daily newscast World News Europe,seen at 22:00 CET daily. The show focussed on news of European politics and society, while also including the day's important stories from other regions of the world.

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