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  June 01, 2000
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Hiring Your First Employee

By Stephanie Overby

What's a guide? It's a collection of the very best articles and tools on, selected for you by our experienced small-business journalists from the thousands of articles and resources available.

You started your business because you wanted to be your own boss. But your business is growing so fast, you need some help. So in addition to being your own boss, you're going to have to be someone else's boss, too. You're going to have to hire your first employee.

Chances are you'll be facing the task by yourself. You'll have to play the roles of recruiter, interviewer, negotiator, and legal counsel. But can help. We have the basics covered — from tools to help you figure out what kind of position you're filling to advice for conducting a successful and legal job interview.

Figuring Out What You Need
Sample Job Description Form
Creating a job description is a key step in the hiring process. This form may be customized to addresses the specific needs of your business.
Sample Job Analysis Questionnaires to Define the Duties of a New Job
This downloadable file contains one job analysis questionnaire geared to clerical and administrative positions and another for employees who will be called on to make strategic decisions.
Finding Talent
Human Resources Matchmaker
Sometimes it's best to call in the pros. Use this free database to connect with HR recruiters, consultants, and employment agencies that can meet your needs.
The Truth about Internet Recruiting
A look at why recruiting on the Internet may or may not be the best solution for your staffing needs
Technology to Help in Hiring
How to make great hires, with a little help from software packages and other high-tech strategies.
Recruiting Strategies: Screening
A look at how several Inc. 500 companies developed candidate-screening procedures and interview questions to ensure that new recruits are a perfect fit.
When the Applicant Pool Overflows
Having too many job candidates is a problem everyone would love to have these days but it does have its own set of issues
How to Avoid Hiring a Crook
Perform these three background checks to help weed out the criminals from your candidate pool
Background Checking Available on the Web
Avoid making a bad hire: a look at two Web-based services that offer inexpensive background checks.
Sample Interview Script
Your first job interview as the interviewer can be nerve racking. This customizable script can help.
Job Insecurity
Beware how far you go in an interview when reassuring candidates about job stability.
"What Were You in For?" and Other Great Job Interview Questions of Our Time
Use targeted questions to help avoid a bad hire.
Dealing with Employment Law and Taxes
Oasis Press State-by-State Small-Business Tax Information
Get details on federal and state payroll taxes required for business ventures in 36 states. In addition, you'll learn about the other taxes your business is responsible for.
I just hired my first employee. What are my federal tax responsibilities as an employer?"
Our Law & Taxation mentor Barbara Weltman explains tax responsibilities to first-time employers.
Employment Law Problem Solvers
These minitutorials from the Alexander Hamilton Institute are designed to help you solve the types of employment law and regulation problems you'll encounter before and after you hire your first worker

More Free Forms
Employee Hiring Package

Letters for Rejecting an Application

Job Applicant Work History Forms

Information Release Authorization

Letter to Check Employment Applicant's Educational Credentials

Disclosure Statement When Checking the Credit of Prospective Employees

Script for Checking Employment References

Letter to Employment Applicant's Former Employer


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