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Looking for resources to help maintain your company's competitive edge? Introducing inc.com business solutions - each solution is distinguished by the inc.com Click of ApprovalTM.
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Today@inc.com   February 03, 2000
Pump Up Your Sales
arrow Expand your sales base. Instantly access tools and data at zapdata.com to help you drive effective sales and marketing activities -- new leads, market intelligence, analysis, and more. Then put this information to work. Optimize your selling efforts by establishing an effective sales process. Track leads, generate next steps, and refine selling efforts with myNetsales.com's Web-based sales process management tool. Each tool powers your sales team to build business.

  Create Job Descriptions
Want to reevaluate employees' duties as your company moves into a new business year? Use Job Descriptions.com to define employee responsibilities to suit your company's changing needs.

Verify a Company's Credit
Verify a company's financial status in a single online session and immediately determine if you want to pursue a business relationship. CreditFYI also offers a financial report for your records.

Process Your Payroll
Submit payroll data over the Internet using POWERPayroll and receive your paychecks and reports the next day.

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Merchant Account application and set up, with checkwriting and bill payment, for one year - a $500 value.

blue line

Special Offer! Automate time tracking & billing, expense reporting & reimbursement - all through the Web. Basic service is FREE. Sign up now and get a $10 credit toward any premium service.

Finance & Capital
arrow Looking for equipment to run your business? With Cyberlease you can conduct and track leasing transactions from your computer.
  Law & Taxation
arrow Holding the key to groundbreaking ideas? Register your company's intellectual property and important records at Firstuse.com
  Human Resources
arrow Looking for employees you can count on? Hire Quality markets your job listings to a pool of screened personnel and helps manage activities from initial contact to hire.

Operations@inc.com   your virtual management team
Human Resources
Process Your Payroll, Create an Employee Handbook, Create a Job Description, Find Qualified Employees, Assess a Job's Market Value, Find a Key Exec, Write Your Employee Reviews, Shop for and Find Health Insurance

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