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Personal Information

I grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts, then moved to Atlanta to work for CNN. I married Robin Faigeles Abrams on June 9, 1996, and moved back to the Boston area in 1997. We have no children, but we are the proud owners of 11 fish - one large carp named Phil, eight goldfish, and two black fish of undetermined species.

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Work Information

I work as a senior producer at inc.com, the web site associated with the small business magazine, Inc. Some of what I do is the Discussions area and My inc.com. It's a great group of people, and the site is improving a lot lately.

Joel with the Team Lycos Car Before this, I worked as a producer at Lycos, Inc, which definitely had a higher profile. Among the many hats I wore there was "News Guru," in charge of piecing together news coverage on everything under the sun. Among the things I put together were the "flash pages," quick summaries of stories with links to relevant stuff all over the web. Examples, some updated since and some not, range from the Clinton Scandals to the Spice Girls to Bloomsday.

I was also in charge of keyword insertion in search results, and a bunch of miscellaneous other things. I also produced the Community Guides, an ill-fated attempt at an automated web directories using collaborative filtering. The pages still live in the realms of abandoned Lycos products, on all sorts of odd topics like Zen Buddhism

CNNI Newsroom Picture For four years before that, I was a Producer/Writer at CNN International, working at the CNN Center in Atlanta (seen to the right). I produced a daily newscast World News Europe,seen at 22:00 CET daily. The show focussed on news of European politics and society, while also including the day's important stories from other regions of the world.

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E-Mail: Jabrams@Mailcity.com

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