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Who am I?
Joel and Robin I'm a 33-year-old tea-drinking, glasses-wearing, book-reading, web-surfing news junkie, living near Boston.  I'm married to the former Robin Faigeles.
Paying the Rent
I work for Informio, a start-up that builds voice Web applications for other companies. I'm the inhouse expert on what those applications should do (things like streaming the news or doing stock trades or updating a sales database) and how they should do it (callflow writing and usability testing).
It's a bit of a stretch from my previous employment. I've gone from producing and writing for CNN Headline News and CNN International (insert pic), to news and search producer at Lycos (insert pic) to doing small business content at If you're interested, check out my complete resume.
Recent Readings
Some Favorite Things Where am I?
* Tea.I'm something of a tea addict. I usually have around 40 different varieties in the house, and if you come over for dinner, you can choose from the tea list.
* Fish. Our house came with a pond with one ornamental carp (Phil) and eight goldfish (Herbert, Swimmy, Goldie, and five to be named later).
You can find me at